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The Perfect Companion

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First the Artist creates a clay sculpture

Depending on your wishes, our artist will either first a clay sculpture or a 3D model that reflect all your wishes. We can make as many adjustments as you like (until your are satisfied). Once you approved the clay sculpture or the 3D model, we will create a mold. 

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The mold

Creating the mold is the next step. This usually takes 1-2 weeks depending on how big your custom-made doll is. Once the mold is complete then we make your doll!

The final product

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The mold allows us to make as many copies of the final product as you want. Once we finished your custom-made doll, we will ship to your address. We make sure that your order will arrive safely :). 

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Make your dream come true

If you can conceive it then you can achieve it

We all have dreams and sometimes we dream of a certain fantasy character or person that we could never really be with, but by creating a custom-made doll you can still make your dream come true!

We put value into things. If you love something then it's perfect to you! You can view a custom-made doll as a perfect piece of art that reflects everything you desire and dream of, but it can also be a therapeutic companion that resembles everything you love. 

A custom-made doll is a great investment if you want to see your imagination come to life.

 That's why we say that buying a doll from Doll Orphanage is giving birth to something that you created with your own imagination! We create your fantasy/dream character and then you can adopt it from us ;-). 

Prices & How to order

A full-silicone doll (head and body) will cost you around 5500 dollars. A TPE doll will cost around 4000 - $4500 dollars. However, once the mold is already made then it's much more affordable. Since we made various projects over the years, it could very well that we already have made something that you want. You can choose between silicone and TPE dolls. 

Silicone is more realistic and durable. Silicone dolls have more detail. TPE is softer and more suitable for fantasy characters that don't have or require much detail. TPE is a much more affordable material. 

Please share your wishes with us and we will tell if we already have a such doll available or if we need to make it from scratch. All we need is pictures for reference (sketches or 3D renders are also okay). If you are interested then you can send an e-mail.

Simply send an e-mail to with your wishes and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that we have made many custom-made dolls over the years, it could very well be that we have a doll available that matches all your wishes. If that's case then we can simply send you some pictures of it or give you access to our catalog. If a doll is already available then it's of course much cheaper. An already available TPE doll usually costs around 400-1200 dollars depending on the size and a silicone doll usually costs around 800 - 2800 dollars (also depending on the height/weight of the doll).